Running at the top of the mountain


The Sebastien Montaz-Rosset French films his footing on mountaintops.
The director and French Mountain Guide Sebastien Montaz-Rosset had the idea to make a video of her jogging in POV on top of a mountain. Having grown up in the resort, in the French Alps, Sebastien has always skied and raced in the mountains, his great knowledge of the area allowed him to become a guide and then shoot and produce his own adventures in the most inaccessible places. In this video entitled “You deserve a break … Now” (you deserve a break right away), Sebastien explodes running the summits of the most breathtaking mountains. A fantastic outlet, panoramas both fascinating and frightening.

You deserve a break…NOW!

I think we all deserve a break in our working day by now…Go for it!Je pense qu'on à tous mérité une pause boulot. Allez, lâchage!Music by the Wanderings of the Avener// Castle in the snowSalomon Outdoor Feiyu

Posted by Seb Montaz Studio on Monday, September 14, 2015